The year was 2002 , Lindsay Ontario’s Looking For Heather have just released their single “Good To Feel Down” and things are about to change…

Major US and international record labels have started to notice the band.  The song gets added to rock radio in Germany and Sweden and ends up in the charts ! the band of offered a record deal in Sweden!  things are great !  The band , 4 albums into their career are at their peak! But like so often happens in the music business , things don’t last.  Trends change , You grow up , you move on. You leave…


….so you can come back.  


It’s 2022 … twenty years later and Jeff Gutteridge and Jay bowes are still making high energy , melodic , stadium sized rock n’ roll !  

To celebrate , they’ve just released an EP “You Can Leave. You Can Come Back.” 6 songs all dating back to the early 2000’s , re-recorded and re-worked. Three of the songs have never been released , first single “Can Mine Be You?” is one of those songs.  A summer anthem about “being young without missing out on being young” as the lyric goes.  A song about wanting the person you’re with when “everybody here wants to leave with someone else”.  The other three songs are re-worked versions of some of their most popular old songs … including “Good To Feel Down” , now presented as an acoustic ballad instead of an anthemic rocker and now known as “GTFD”

As we grow, we leave.  We move forward. We move on.  Often looking back , but seldom coming back.  The band left those days in 2002 behind left to the memories.  But now, they’ve comeback.  You see , You CAN come back!  Anytime you want!  To a time when rock ruled the airwaves and albums mattered.  So please come back with us.  Relive the early 2000’s for just a little while before we move forward again.  “You Can Leave. You Can Come Back.” Is out now on CD/Download and all streaming platforms.

Looking for Heather will be on tour throughout 2023.