What do you do when a global pandemic cancels your 2020 tour? Well if you’re looking for Heather’s Jeff Gutteridge and Jay Bowes you grab your guitars and write and record the most ambitious record you’ve ever made! 

“We fall in love too easily” was written and recorded through the lockdown of 2020 using modern cloud recording technology. Jeff, Jay and long time collaborator, guitarist Randy Solski worked remotely from their home studios using the technology to compile all the parts to a central location in “the cloud”  allowing Jeff to mix the tracks into the album you hear now. An album the band feels is their most adventurous album of their 25 year career. Gone are the typical rock electric  rhythm guitars that have been a driving force in the bands sound for much of that time, what’s here now are acoustic guitars playing the parts the electric guitar used to play.  Add in drum loops , electric lead guitars, and the debut of Jay Bowes as a lead singer on the song “summer said” and you have an album that’s an eclectic mix of rock / folk / funk / pop. 

Make no mistake, this album rocks!  It just rocks in a different way.  The drum loops allowed the band to experiment with grooves they wouldn’t normally have used. 

Lead off single “Ghost stories” is the best example with its slow, haunting groove, a song about Jeff’s real life experiences with the paranormal. 

Another great example of the stylistic change is the single “Lions” a funk inspired pop song about being resilient in the face of negative people. 

Those seeking something more familiar will find “Heavy Shit” right up their alley.  A rocking track inspired by Jeff’s struggles with anxiety and panic attacks punctuated by Randy’s signature guitar sound,  makes this the most recognizable song stylistically. 

This album however isn’t all about Jeff’s experiences this time as Jay contributed two songs to this collection, the aforementioned “Summer said” and what Jeff calls the 2021 emo hit of the year “Green Light”. 

The later part of the album sees the band strip things down to the core with two beautifully powerful acoustic ballads “I’m not the only one” and “The last song of the night” both extremely personal songs for Jeff with both vocals being recorded in one take to capture the raw emotion behind the lyrics. In fact in “I’m not the only one” you will hear him choke up a little in the songs bridge section. 

The title “We fall in love too easily” summarizes perfectly the lyrical and thematic content of the songs but it also may be a dare to its listeners ... once you hear this record you too may fall in love .... easily.