Want to Work with Jeff at StarLite Sound?

Jeff has been making records for over 25 years! Why not get him to make your next record? 

Production,Recording, Mixing, Mastering anything is possible! Jeff even offers Recording Lessons!  Have a look below at some rates, and feel free to contact him for a FREE consultation!

Producing $50/hour (bulk project rates available)

Songwriting $50/hour

Recording /Editing: $50/hour (bulk/project rates available)

Mixing $150/song (album/EP rates available)

Mastering $50/song (album/EP rates available)

Full Song production/recording/mixing/mastering starting at $500 per song, (album/EP rates available)* 

*session players available if required


Ever wanted to make music at home?

Are you just starting? or have you been at it a while but still have questions?  

Jeff can help you!  Just like learning an instrument, you can learn how to record music!  Jeff is now offering In person or Virtual , personalized teaching/coaching on how you can get the most out of the gear you own!  Get the information YOU want instead of searching Youtube and only getting a bit of what you need!  

Not sure what Gear/Plug Ins you need?  reach out and Jeff can help you get the best bang for your buck!

Contact Jeff Here!